Being a side-scrolling RPG, the game features classic point & click gameplay. While this is a well-tested formula, our non-linear story engine and the multiplayer feature make it stand apart from similar games.

Meet the various characters around the town and question them to gain further insight into the town's history, characters and lore.

Who knows what shady past or hidden romance may have occurred behind the scenes! The further you investigate a character, the closer you’ll come to bring to light secrets they may withhold about other residents.

A bloody murder weapon is a sure bet to lead you to the truth, or could it be a red herring to throw you off the scent? No doubt a discarded wanted poster holds a hot lead on a potential suspect. However you investigate, a keen eye and quick wit is essential to follow the rabbit hole.

Keep an eye on the clock as you’ll only have a short time to investigate, allocate tasks amongst your party wisely.

Using all the tools at your team's disposal is essential to solve the mystery within the time limit. Don’t be a lone wolf.

Scrutinize the findings in your case file and determine the truth amongst the lies with your team. In the end you can only settle on one culprit...

Be warned, things may get heated!

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