A Multiplayer Murder Mystery Game

The Demo is out NOW, give it a go!

Whispers in the West is an online co-op murder mystery game set in the far reaches of the Wild West. Choose a story, team up with your friends and solve the mystery…

Communication is key - Whispers in the West is best played with friends with in-game voice chat.

The game ships with multiple stories, each of which is an hour-long mystery waiting to be solved. In the first release, we want to offer a pack of three stories, with plans to offer more as future DLC add-ons. The stories need only be purchased by the host; other players can join the game even if they don’t own the script.


"Hello! me and my friend finished the demo version of the game. very good! I've always wanted to play something similar with my friends."

via Discord

"Guys, don't miss this hidden gem. We had so much fun, and can't wait for full release so we can play it again!"

@Deafgirl_gaming on Twitter

"Whispers in the West is a lot of fun. Great for anyone who wants to do a fast-paced, brain-based co-op game"

@EhJaredJ on Twitter

"We were looking for something to play co-op during the Steam Next Demo Fest and stumbled upon this one. Weren't sure at first ... but stuck with it and ended up quite enjoying it. The mystery difficulty seemed perfect for us"

via Steam Community

"My family got a chance to check out this game over the weekend and we haven't had that much of a rootin' tootin' good 'ol time in a while."

@8BitsofVelvet on Twitter

"This was such a fun game to play! So go ahead and grab some friends and try solve the murder that happened in the old west"

@StefThings on Twitter

We will be organising preview sessions on our Discord server. To sign up, show your hands in the #preview channel now.

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