A Multiplayer Murder Mystery Game

public demo available Q2 2022

Welcome to the Sleepy Town of Brimstone

A crime has occurred in the far reaches of the Wild West, and it's down to you to deduce who among the residents is the perpetrator. You and your friends need to collaborate, look for clues and piece the puzzle together to solve the mystery.

A Multiplayer Mystery Game

In addition to classic point-and-click gameplay, the game's focus is on player collaboration. The four playable characters each offer a unique skill, which leads to different interactions with the town's residents. Your discoveries will be crucial to uncovering the truth.

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"Thanks for having us! Was a lot of fun and can't wait for the game to release"

-- themusicmaniac (External Tester)

"Thanks for the experience. It was great fun and I look forward for the release"

-- John (External Tester)

"... a wild west-themed point-and-click murder mystery! which sounds almost TOO cool "

-- Twitter follower

Create Your Own Story

You can choose from multiple pre-written scripts, and in the future you'll be able to create your own murder mystery scripts in our story editor.

Meet the Team

In the midst of the pandemic, a team of young people from across the UK banded together through the Kickstart scheme. With a shared love of in-person, murder mystery games, the team decided to pursue in adapting this concept for the video game world. With the goal of giving players the enjoyment of playing pre-written stories, as well as the capability to write their own stories within the game’s setting.

Yoyu LiFounder & Producer
Sebastian Moreno-ArroyaveWriter
Stefan LewisGame Developer
Lucas SummerscalesSocial Media Manager
Alexander LeeLead Artist
William NobleGame Developer

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