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Meet the Team

Team Dissonant is a rowdy bunch of cowboys that saddled up in the midst of the pandemic, and have been working remotely to create this game ever since. Made up of largely young, recent graduates from across the UK, they banded together through the Kickstart scheme and began crafting their dream game project - read their story here.

The team’s director, Yoyu, believes strongly in supporting young people to enter the industry. Benefitting from her extensive software development experience, the team have made considerable progress since their formation. As evidence of this growth, we’re extremely proud to announce we were recently accepted by the UK Games Fund and the The London Games Festival Official Selection!

Alexander Lee - Lead Artist

Alex is a recent Animation graduate from Middlesex University, with the goal of being a Concept Artist for Games. Joining the team from it’s conception in 2021, it was no mean feat as Alex became the sole artist for the game, creating the entirety of the visuals. Seeing how people have an emotional connection to a game is what inspires Alex’s work ethic. He appreciates how game's can bring out different sides to people, a range of emotions from joy and humor to sorrow. His favorite game is Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Not a fan of the heat, Alex prefers the Springtime reflecting his cool personality, he would quite happily live in an igloo. With his keen understanding from the game cycle, he aspires to grow into an expert in everything regarding pre-production design

Stefan Lewis - Game Developer

Stefan is one of the founding members of the Whispers in the West team, having worked on the majority of the game’s code and implementation. After completing his degree in Computer Gaming Development in Scotland, he took this opportunity to create a brand new IP in his stride. When he’s not stuck behind a computer screen, Stefan can be found camping and hill climbing! With a passion for everything VR, we expect to see Stefan venture into this area in the future, with immersion being a key aspect of what draws him to games.

William Noble - Game Developer

William is a developer in the Whispers in the West team, who has implemented the custom dialogue for the game. Finishing with First-class Honours at the Computer Games Programming programme at the University of Derby, William is a veteran in building multiplayer games -  He led a team and built a 4-player party game, Spaceman Scramble, using Unreal Engine while in university. But his ambition does not stop at being an excellent developer as he is - inspired by his favourite game designer Naoki Yoshida of Final Fantasy XIV, he wants to design his own action games one day (and he will, we believe). Outside games, he’s also a proficient trumpet player. 

Yoyu Li - Producer

Yoyu started her career in games 15 years ago, who has produced several best-selling board games before her transition into the video games industry. In recent years, she has been exclusively working on narrative-driven indie games. She enjoys making games that bring joy to and connect friends together. Her newfound love of murder mystery games and speciality in cloud technology inspired her to make a multiplayer narrative game, which turned out to be Whispers in the West. She is experienced in project management and has led a team of 20 developers in her previous career. She’s also an ambassador for Women Techmakers and Google Developer Experts. 

Theresa Johnson - Community Manager

Theresa is currently a student at the National Film and Television School, where she is pursuing a degree in Creative Business. With a deep interest for video game development and marketing, she strives to combine her creativity and business acumen to make a significant impact in the gaming industry.

Writers &  Narrative Designers

Rosalyn Meney - Narrative Designer

Rosalyn graduated from university with a degree in Filmmaking and Screenwriting, and immediately pivoted into the games industry. She spent a good deal of that degree trying to convince her lecturers to add a game writing module, but when that didn’t happen, she decided to teach herself. After self-studying and attending a masterclass in narrative design, Rosalyn began working on remote indie game projects before finding Whispers in the West. Having written a multiplayer murder mystery game for her friends during national lockdown, it seemed like the perfect fit!

Thomas Davies - Writer

Thomas is a freelance writer and narrative designer currently working in Scotland. He's big on comedy horror, folklore, and sci-fi. He's been plonking about on his banjo and populating the town of Brimstone with ideal candidates for coveted roles like "Murderer" and "Victim" and "Normal man. Just an innocent man". He's been enjoying himself immensely as a writer on Whispers In The West. He has strong feelings about the Waterman Trainwreck and other obscure industrial songs from the US, and is absolutely beside himself to get to channel these things into a Western. 

Sebastian Moreno-Arroyave 

Sebastian is a graduate from LSBU studying in game design and development, he's also part of the original team that designed the initial concept for Whispers in the West. Sebastian hopes to continue creating even more stories featuring colourful characters. His favourite game genres include RPG’s and strategy games. Focusing on the story elements of games, Sebastian grew up particularly loving narrative rich games and hopes to one day create his own series that can be loved by other people.

Project Alumni

Lucas Summerscales - Social Media Manager

The multi-talented guitarist, composer and filmmaker also happens to be the Community Manager in the Whispers in the West team. The first trailer he directed for the game has helped the team to secure funding from UK Games Fund. With a First-Class Honours degree in Film from Leeds Trinity University, he was and still is likely to be found at a rave or gig in Leeds city centre. For Lucas, video game is a creative medium that fully immerses the audience in a world free from the distractions of life. His favourite game genre is Souls-like. With his creative skills, he hopes to become a Crowdfunding Extraordinaire, so he could help all his friends make their dream projects!

Layla Tousi - Associate Game Designer

Layla has always enjoyed constructing and deconstructing things, so coming up with exciting features is right up her street. Her work as a game designer allows just that, with keen attention to game-play flows and intuitive UX design Layla crafts a dynamic experience for players. Layla also contributes to the narrative of Whispers in the West and is currently writing the tutorial level. Her favourite game genres are Adventure, puzzle games and of course detective games! Outside of games, Layla has an avid curiosity and loves learning different facts about the world. Interested in many topics, Layla directed her studies to a wide area to fuel her inspiration to create stories, scenarios and systems.

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